A Little Weird , A Little Witchy


Ainnsilver is one of those people that you look at and know there is more to them than what they show the outside world. It could be the strange multi-shades of color in her hair, or the fact that her eyes are mismatched one blue one silver. Even the quirky little smile on her face. What is a fact is their is a radiance of power about the girl no matter how she looks or seems to act.

Her hair falls to hip length and is bound back by a simple clasp of a silver lotus set with a jet stone. Clad in soft robes of white satin that fall over her feet hiding the rich white soft leather boots that the girl is wearing save for a glimpse every now and again of buckle. At her waist is a sword belt, with a elven thinblade sheathed there and a set of what seems to be throwing daggers.



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