Character Creation for this game will be slightly different.

A. Stats: 4d6 take the best 3 reroll 1's rolls 8 times take the best six.
B. Level: 4th this game will be gestalt
C. Alignment: NO EVIL
D. Gold:
E. Feats: IN ADDITION to everything you get for class, level, race etc. You will gain One free feat a level. These feats are handled as though you gained them as such (example: Level 1- 1feat Level 2- 1 feat Level 3- 1 feat Level 4-1 feat)
F. Spell & Divine Magic: Due to the nature of the realms at the moment, to cast a spell. With the exception of those time you are simply not required to. You must make a Concentration Check. The DC is figured out in the following way.

12+ spell level

1st level Spell  Concentration DC: 13
2nd level Spell  ""            DC: 14
3rd Level Spell  ""            DC: 15
4th Level Spell ""             DC: 16
5th Level Spell ""             DC: 17
6th Level Spell ""             DC: 18
7th Level Spell ""             DC: 19
8th Level Spell ""             DC: 20
9th Level Spell ""             DC: 21

this may alter for areas that you are in this is the same chart that divine casters use.

Failure means a roll on the Wild Magic Table.

G.This game will take place in Cities, In Wilderness and in Ruins  & Dungeons.

H. Both GM's have plans for this to be a long lasting campaign.

I. We will aim for a post of every day if possible.

J. The PC are the main characters their will be heavy NPC presences due to the God's falling down.

K. The party can expect to fight a full array of things from Goblins, to Demons to Undead.

L. Our Realms will differ from Canon, because the choices Character's make will reflect in the World itself.


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