Gods Fall


The Gods have fallen to Faerun and it is utter chaos, with no one protecting the Weave magic is going haywire, with the Gods walking the Realms it is utter War. Many seek each other to continue the eternal conflict they have within their lofty realms, while other's merely seek to survive. The Table's of Fate must be returned.

Lucky you to be recruited for such a job…


Attributes: All Attributes will be rolled using 5d6 drop the lowest 2, reroll 1's and do this seven times. Discard your lowest. Assign as you see fit.
Feats: You gain feats normally for class, abilities and level, in addition to all of this you will recieve a singular free feat a level. This is considered to be gifted at each level you obtain a level. (example: 1st level – free feat, 2nd level- free feat 3-rd level free feat…and so forth and so on. )
Level: 4th (gestalt )
Hit Points: Max at level 1-2 roll for the rest, you may take half as a standard choice.
Alignment: The only alignment I am restricting is CE however, the players <u>MUST</u> work together to achieve their purposes so please don't make a NE character who is in it only for themselves, make sure there is a reason they help out outside of what they can get away with. In other words give your character depth please.
Magic: Yes you may start with magic items, what ever you can afford at your level.
Spells: This is only for Wizards as Sorcerers must choose their spells from the start. All wizards start the game with a spell book. They may have 2d6 (1st) 1d6 (2nd) 2d4 (3rd), 1d4 (4th).
Standard Equipment: You have the standed Equipment Package If you want other stuff you will need to purchase it with your gold.
Race: Keep in mind that your race will cost you for this adventure. Please take this into account when creating your character. Keep in mind races like Drow, Half-Orc , Half -Ogre and other monsterous races may be looked down up, disliked or forbidden from places because there is still prejudice. In some places such as shadowdale you may well be run from town or have an attempt on your life. This is a forewarning.
Multiclassing: There is no multiclassing penalties, I stand by the fact that people may become what ever they can imagine.
Crafting Magic Items: Okay, so Crafting Magic Items does <u>NOT</u> cost XP. I am not sure I can stress this enough. If you take crafting feats they should mean something there for there is no XP Cost for crafting magic.
Books: You can check Here for the book I allow.

Gods Fall

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