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This will be the base for my Adventures. Below you will find my games.

GM NOTE: Godsfall is a retelling of the The Time of Troubles in the Forgotten Realms. It is a take that will effect my other Realms games as in deities and what happens in different places..

The Tablets of Fate, the rules the great God Ao set into stone to monitor the Gods have been taken, stolen. No one knows who did it and no one is coming fourth to admit to such thievery, even the God of Thieves himself is remotely quiet on the front.

Vexed beyond reason AO in a temper of his own casts the gods from their own divine homes. Their own places of solace into the world below with their faithful or in some cases the not so faithful. Until the tablets are returned, the gods shall be condemned to walk among those that serve them as a fraction of what they once were…more-so...mortal.
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Welcome to Selgaunt the wealthiest city in Sembia. Where everything from loyalty to assassination can be purchased for the right amount of coin. The city of the Merchant Princes and by sheer advancement-vices. Not a friendly city to those who lack the will or the gift to further their wealth. Life is never easy in Selgaunt, but in recent weeks the poor's respite from their lives of hardship-their dreams have become a dreaded nightly undertaking.

Rumor's spread of something strange going on in Selgaunt where nightmares spread like a web over the large city. Where people have been missing, where ash-gray corpses are found in back alley's and down by the waterfront. What could be causing it ? You have come to Selgaunt to find out what is going on and hopefully put an end to it.

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